Duchess Kate’s pregnancy: What it really means

Kate Middleton/facebook
Kate Middleton/facebook

Finally the royals have confirmed that Duchess Kate is pregnant and she has been hospitalised for a rare case of extreme morning sickness. Here are a few things that will change for the royal couple (and for our gossip sections too):

1. The paparazzi hounding the royal couple will worsen.
2. People are going to constantly predict if it is a boy or a girl.
3. Astrologers, tarot readers etc, all are going to go crazy predicting the to-be born baby’s future.
4. Kate’s pregnancy style will become a style guide for all mums-to-be.
5. Her every shopping outing is going to be looked at with scrutiny if she is shopping baby stuff.
6. Every one will expect the royal family to make some announcement about how they feel about the about to be baby.
7. The baby’s room and wardrobe are going to be the most coveted items.
8. Pippa’s derriere will no longer fascinate people. It will be the bump for them!
9. UK will see a spurt in pregnancies!
10. Kate’s weight will be under scrutiny, PS remember Aishwarya’s post-pregnancy stories about her weight?