Common eyelash curler mistakes you need to stop making

Here are some common mistakes made while using eyelash curlers.

Eyelash curlers are a part of almost every makeup enthusiast’s collection and it adds just the right amount of drama to your eye makeup. This tool may seem scary to some but if used correctly, it can enhance your eye makeup and it even works well with just mascara. 

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Makeup experts have noticed that people make certain mistakes while using an eyelash curler without realizing and that can lead to disappointing results. Here are some tips and common mistakes that people make while using an eyelash curler that you should know about. 

Not investing in a good quality eyelash curler 

If you use eyelash curler frequently then think of investing your money in a good quality product. It doesn’t have to be too expensive but it should sit well in your hands. Stay away from curlers with slippery grips and choose the one that covers the entire width of your eyelash. 

Not holding the eyelash curler correctly 

Make sure you are holding the tool correctly. Put your thumb and fingers in the designated places. You can also ask someone to explain how to use eyelash curlers while making the purchase. 

Applying too much force 

Putting too much pressure on the handles can cause damage to your lashes and you might even pull some out. A good eyelash curler does not require a lot of force. Make sure you are being gentle. 

Not heating the curler before use 

For best results, make sure you heat your curler before using it. This will lock the curls and it stays put for a long time. 

Not cleaning your eyelash curler 

All the makeup tools should be cleaned regularly if you want to see the best results. Make sure you clean your eyelash curler with a wipe every two months. Not taking care of this can even damage your curls. 

Applying mascara before curling your lashes 

It is best to put on mascara after you have curler your lashes. It keeps your lashes from sticking together and also gives your curled lashes a good volume. 

Here are some common mistakes people make while using eyelash curlers. Which ones have you been making?