Delhi-NCR under the dark hovering clouds, Netizens react

Here is how people reacted to dark and dense clouds hovering over Delhi NCR.

The weather has been unpredictable in the past couple of weeks and monsoon marked its arrival in the North with light showers and Delhites are now enjoying the cool, breezy weather. The rains have given relief from hot and humid weather and people are happy to be rid of sweltering heat. 

While the rains brought joy and relief, they also brought dark and dense clouds that mesmerized Delhites and many people took it to social media to share their amazement. People shared pictures of stormy clouds which were dark grey and covering the entire Delhi-NCR area. 

Many had to clarify that the pictures were not paintings and even said that its god’s creation. Here are the tweets shared by people that show how the Delhi sky looked under the wraps of dark clouds.