Here is why Budweiser memes are flooding Twitter

Check out the hilarious memes that surfaced after #Budweiser started trending on Twitter.

Twitter was flooded with memes about #Budweiser after news surfaced that an employee had been peeing in the beer tanks of the company’s manufacturing unit for 12 years. People went crazy and thought of the times they enjoyed a chilled bottle of Budweiser, till the facts confirmed that this piece of news is fake. 

A site that goes by the name’ Foolish Humor’ published this news but people missed the sarcasm. The About Us section of the page clearly states that the content of their page is purely fictional and the sole purpose of the page is entertainment. 

Even though the air was cleared and facts were confirmed, people could not help but make funny memes after this news broke. Check out some of the best ones. 

Which one is your favorite meme?