How Jal Neti can help fight COVID-19

Here is how the Jal Neti technique can help fight off COVID-19 and protect you from catching the infection.

The number of coronavirus cases are on the rise and it is important to stay at home as is the only effective way to stay safe. The vaccine for this deadly virus is yet to be discovered and people are currently dependent on strengthening their immune system to recover from COVID-19. 

A recent study surfaced as a glimmer of hope in which yoga was found to be effective in fighting the infection in its early stage. The ancient healing therapy of Yoga may help in fighting coronavirus infection. 

Source- Fitsri

Jal Neti, the technique of doing salt-based gargles and nasal wash can be effective in washing out the virus load from the nasal passages. It should be noted that proper technique should be known. The science behind Jal Neti is that cells in the nasal cavity will convert chloride ion of saline to hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which is known to have an anti-viral effect. This also plays a role in viral shedding which can significantly reduce the severity of the infection. Jal Neti also strengthens your respiratory system. 

Apart from washing hands and face every time you come back home, make time to gargle with saline water in case you may have caught an infection as the virus spreads through infected droplets while sneezing, coughing, and even talking. 

Experts recommend that you can practice Jal Neti up to three times a day. It is ideally recommended to do on an empty stomach in the morning but you can also do it after coming back home on days you step out. Make sure to learn the proper technique as a wrong practice can have long-lasting side-effects.