How to clean your home using just salt

Here are some tips and tricks to clean your home using salt:

 If you are looking for cost-efficient products to clean your home with then you can make the best use of this one thing that everyone has at home. Salt does a lot more than seasoning your fries and it can be just as useful for you in cleaning up corners and many household objects. Here are some tips and ways to use salt to clean your home. 

Source- PopSugar
  • Use a mixture of hot water and salt to clean your kitchen drain. It not only gets rid of greasy build-up but also removes the odor. 
  •  Use a mixture of salt and soda water to obtain a chemical-free mixture of a cleaner that can be used to clean your fridge. 
  • Sprinkle a thick layer of salt in the bottom of your oven before making casseroles for easier cleanup. 
  • Put some salt on your fresh wine stains. Wait for a while and wash it off to remove the stains completely. 
  • Use a mixture of salt, water, and cream of tartar to remove the rust off the iron objects in your home.  
  • Make a paste using vegetable oil and salt and use it to clean the glass rings on wooden tables. 
  • If you want to keep ants from entering your home then sprinkle a layer of salt in creeks and windowsills of your home to keep them out. 

Here are some ways to use salt for cleaning your home. Make sure you do a little test in small parts of the objects like tables, basins, etc you are about to clean to make sure no physical damage is caused in the cleaning process.