People dedicated artworks for pregnant elephant in Kerala

See the artworks shared by people on social media, dedicated to the pregnant elephant in Kerala. 

People were furious after knowing that a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers which lead to her death. Pictures of the elephant standing in a water body to cool herself took rounds on the internet and people wanted to know who was responsible. 

It has also been revealed that the explosives were meant for the boars and this method has been used to scare off wild animals for a long time. Maneka Gandhi also addressed this incident and said  “The death of a pregnant elephant through firecrackers in Kerala gives out a dangerous message.” 

She further added “Those in power know that such incidents are remembered for a mere two days and then people move on to something else. They should build rescue centers for animals, rather than shifting the blame to each other.”

 People have shared their grief and outrage and paid tribute to the elephant through artworks. Here are some of them which were shared on social media. 


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“she trusted everyone,they killed her”

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The news of her death is beyond gruesome, how can we fall to such levels of inhumanity. Yet, she didn’t hurt anyone, went to the river, trying to soothe her wounds to no recovery and passed on to the next world, grieving the loss of her unborn children. She didn’t leave the river. Her and the spirits of her children became one with the currents of an eternal place. What is daunting is that an animal can show us such kindness even when we’ve been beyond despicable towards her. Let’s put prayers out but also let’s decide to end this by taking actual actions. Sign petitions, say no to elephant rides, report abuse, educate yourself, and people around. We worship Ganesha but don’t know anything about the elephant or for that matter about the Earth, environment. Let’s change that. This should end. let’s try to be her children. – – – (Pregnant elephant Amba tragically died in Malappuram she ate cracker-stuffed pineapple. Heart is broken in a million pieces…😔) . Art by @chetanadvirkar . #art #artist #artshare #artistsoninstagram #ganpatibappamorya_ #ganpatibappamorya🙏 #gannubappa #shivaji #shivajimaharaj #marathimanus #digital #digitaldrawing #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitalpainting #creative #creativegaga #procreate

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“Maa where are we?” . . “I don’t know dear but I definitely think this place is way safer than where we were 😇. No one can harm us here now 😢” . . I am totally devastated with the incident that happened in Kerala. Stuffed crackers into pineapple and fed it to the pregnant elephant? Really?! Dear Humans, we fkn way better than this! 😥. . . I received so many DMs requesting to create an artwork as tribute to these innocent lives. Here’s my little contribution 😞. I didn’t want to re-create an artwork based on the actual incident. I just want to portray that the innocent Mommy elephant and her baby, has born and way SAFER and HAPPIER now! 😔🙏🏽✨. . . And those of you who did this cruel act, I hope justice will be served! ✋🏼. . . #kerala #keralaelephants #justice

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#shameonhumanity . . . . . . . . . . . . #animalsarethebest #elephant #kerala #babyelephants

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