The correct way to use essential oils at home

Here is how you can use essential oils at home in the right way.

If you are investing time in taking care of your skin and rejuvenation then essential oils are likely to be a part of it.  Essentials are made using leaves, barks, and herbs and are concentrated in nature. Now that you have taken a step toward it,  you should know the right way of using essential oils to reap maximum benefits. Here is how you should be using essentials oils at home. 

Source- Vitacost

To relieve anxiety 

 Lavender and Chamomile, essential oils can help you with anxiety and stress as they are known to send chemical messages to the parts of the brain that control mood and emotions. You can dilute and use these oils if you are feeling stressed out. 

Know where to use them 

Essentials oils should not be rubbed randomly on your body. Make sure that the oils you are applying externally won’t cause any irritation or burns or the ones you are ingesting are safe to be consumed. 

Test the oils before application 

Though essentials oils are made out of natural substances, it is not necessary that they won’t show any allergic reaction. Rub a little oil on your body to see how your skin responds. 

Essentials oils do expire 

On being exposed to oxygen, essential oils may get spoiled so it is best to throw out the ones who have been sitting in your collection for more than three years. 

Edible oils may cause burn 

Edible oils like cumin and citrus oil may be safe to consume but can cause blisters on the skin if applied externally. Make sure you know which ones are safer on the skin and which one belongs in the kitchen. 

Dilute the essential oils before use

Essentials oils are too concentrated to be used for direct applications. Make sure that you dilute them with vegetable oils or use only a little bit while making face packs or body scrubs. 

Here are some tips on how to use essential oils. Make sure you consult with your dermatologist if you have any pre-existing skin condition and are not sure which essential oil is safe to be used on the skin.