This ‘Dal tutorial’ for son impresses Desi Twitter

Desi Twitter reacts to mother teaching her son how to identify different types of dal!

Identifying daal is one of the hardest lessons in cooking and the netizens agree. People who are new to cooking find it difficult to tell masoor from moong and it becomes even more difficult when your family is not around to help you out. 

This mother decided to help out her soon-to-be-married son by giving him lessons on how to identify dal while on a grocery run and this is winning hearts on the internet.  She made a copy that has different types of dals glued in it with labeling. 

This picture was originally shared by IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra and has since garnered praises from many people. Many also said that this a great way to train her soon-to-be-married son and everyone should be taught this lesson.

Here is what people said after seeing the picture. 

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