Thousands wounded in Beirut explosion

See the pictures of the Beirut explosion in Lebanon and how it affected thousands of people.

The devastating news was received on Tuesday as Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, reported an explosion that wounded around 4000 people, 78 were killed and 60 were critically injured. The damage due to the explosion also reached the outskirts of the city. 

The explosion was reportedly caused due to 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was stored in the Beirut Port warehouse.  Many videos surfaced online showing how the tragedy unfolded and showed how the city has turned into rubble and dust. 

One explosion was followed by another as the chemicals exploded and the huge eruption made people seek shelter. The cars were seen overturned and many people were seen being carried to the hospital as more and more footage was shared on news channels. 

Here are the pictures that were shared on the internet.

Source- Aljazeera
Source- Aljazeera
Source- Aljazeera

Many people shared their grief and said they were devasted to learn about this tragedy. Bollywood celebrities also shared the posts and how they are praying for the people living in Lebanon and for those who were present at the time of this explosion.