Vikas Khanna wins our hearts with his befitting reply!

See why star chef Vikas Khanna had to give a befitting reply during this BBC interview.

Star chef Vikas Khanna was applauded for his food distribution drive in India during this pandemic and also for distributing dry ration in old-age homes, leprosy centers, and orphanages. The chef was interviewed by a BBC anchor who said something that wasn’t exactly polite. 

“You’ve cooked for the Obamas, you’ve been on TV show with Gordon Ramsay. But it wasn’t always that way, was it? You’re not from a rich family. So, I dare say, you understand how precarious it can be in India,” said the anchor, suggesting that he understood hunger since he doesn’t come from a rich family. 

The chef’s answer was befitting as he said that he hails from Amritsar where everyone is fed in langars and his sense of hunger comes from New York and from the days he spent struggling in the city. 

The clip from this interview soon went viral and people praised Vikas for this reply. Here is how everyone reacted.

What do you think of this classic reply?