Best Foods That You Should Try in Phuket

Check out the best cuisines of Phuket!

Phuket is well known for its nightlife, shopping, and beaches but it is also a culinary haven with exotic foods and beverages. There is a long history of foreign trade in Phuket which had helped Phuket in creating a vibrant tradition of food called Peranakan or Baba. It’s a combination of Thai royale cuisines with dishes from Malay, Europe and Southern China states. Such cuisines are delicious and can be easily found on street food stalls and five-star restaurants as well. Here’s a list of dishes that you should try when you visit Phuket: 


1: Khanon Jeen: This is Phuket’s favorite breakfast food which is also called Khanom Chin. It is a combination of fermented rice noodles which get served with soupy curry with meat, vegetables and herbs. This is also one of the most famous food in Phuket Town which sometimes also gets accompanied by a range of crab, beef, chicken, vegetables and boiled eggs by the street vendors. 

2: Mee Hokkien: This name has been translated to Hokkien-style noodles and Phuket people claim it as their own Yellow Egg Noodles. Such noodles are served with prawns, pork, bean sprouts, and cracked eggs and can be easily ordered at the dining restaurants in Phuket.

3: Loba: The locals of Phuket usually eat Loba which is a part of a pig. This is a chewy and crisp pork dish that includes pork face, tongue, intestines and various other varieties of meat. It gets prepared with a blend of five spices, blanched in soy sauce and then gets deep-fried to produce Loba. 

4: Nam Prik Goong Siab: This brings life to the bland food and is cooked with dried shrimp and shrimp paste, lime juice, shredded mangoes, juice and chillies which get mixed all together. This majorly gets served with fresh vegetables, white rice, hard-boiled eggs and omelettes. 


These are some of the famous and best foods that you must try in Phuket.