Best Kulfis To Try This Summer

Check out some places serving creamiest kulfi in Delhi:

With the temperature rising day-by-day it is natural to crave for something chilled like an ice cream but traditional counterpart to ice cream ie the kulfi is a better alternative. It’s made fresh with pure milk,  malai and topped with a dose of nuts as compared to ice-cream that have chemicals and milk solids.

A creamy and chilled kulfi is the best thing for our taste buds in this hot season. I am sure after reading all this kulfi gyan, you must be craving for one and if you are wondering where to head? Check out the list of places serving the best kulfi in town:

  • Roshan di kulfi

Ask any Delhiite where to head for kulfi? I am sure they will suggest you this shop because Roshan di Kulfi is famous for its delicious kulfi which they have been serving for years now. Famous for their Kesar Pista kulfi and Mango Kulfi they use natural ingredients to make their deserts. Because of its delicious offerings, the shop is always crowded. Also do not forget to try their kulfi faluda, which is one of the best in the town.

Where: Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh.

  • Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale

When we think about kulfi, Kuremal Mohanlal is another brand that comes to our mind. A trip to Delhi’s Chandni Chowk is incomplete without eating their kulfi. They are best known for their different flavors like Blackberry Sharbat, Custard apple, Phalsa, Kiwi, Tamarind, Aam Pada, Kewda and the traditional Double Malai Kulfi. Started in 1908 , it is now one of the best shop serving delicious kulfis.

Where: Kuch pati Ram, Sita Ram bazaar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

  • Krishna Di Kulfi

Pandara Road is the perfect destination for foodies as the place has many food shops including the perfect stop for kulfi – the Krishna Di Kulfi. Apart from traditional kulfi like: Kulfi faluda, matka kulfi and kesar pista kulfi, they have some sugar free options too. You will forget about the scorching summer heat when you will see the servers scooping out fresh kulfi and adding falooda and syrup to it in front of you.

Where: Pandara Road, Delhi.

  • Moet’s kulfi

The Moet’s brand is established for decades now, but they have recently started receiving attention to their kulfi kiosk. They serve a variety of flavors such as Kesar, Pista, Mango, and sugar-free kulfis as well. Their kulfi’s are excellent and you cannot miss to dine out at their restaurant.

Where: A Black, Defence Colony market.

  • King’s Kulfi

This brand has a large variety of kulfis to choose from including lychee, anjeer, paan, butterscotch. You can find their shops at different locations all around the city.

Don’t just think go but head to these places serving drool worthy kulfis in the town.

Image Source: Instagram