10 things you never knew about Vodka


Considered to be a woman’s drink vodka can be enjoyed neat with cold drink, juice or red bull. But do you know that except being a mood lifter, Vodka also acts as disinfector. Surprised?

Here are some more interesting facts about this alcoholic drink:

Colourless: Vodka is colourless liquor, distilled from the grains and fruits and it has 30 to 40% alcohol content.

Popular: The most popular vodka based cocktails are Bloody Mary and Martini.

Pure drink: Compared with other alcoholic drinks vodka is the purest drink in the world because of carbon filtering.

Popularity: Vodka is highly popular in Poland and Russia as it doesn’t freeze easily during transport.

Cleaning: It can also be used to clean your eyeglasses. Just wipe your glasses with a cloth dipped in vodka. It can also be used to get rid of wine stains.

Removes foot odour: To remove foot odour, wash your feet with Vodka.

Flavours: Some of the best vodka flavours are red pepper, ginger, chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavours like lime and orange.

Weight: A litre of vodka weighs only 953 g and not 1 kg as one might imagine.

Taste:  Low quality vodka is always served cold as it tastes best when cold.

Health benefits:  Moderate use of vodka can have many benefits on the human metabolism. It keeps cholesterol and arteries healthy and is an excellent remedy against cold sore and fever.

Yay! Now you have more reasons to indulge in that cold glass of Vodka and juice. But remember excessive drinking is not good for health. So buy more and consume less!