Fresh fruity mocktail recipes

Here are a few refreshing and delicious mocktails. Make them for parties and impress your guests. They are interesting, easy to make and made of fresh fruits, a tantalizing treat to your taste buds.

Recipes from KINK, NOIDA

  • Melon Cooler Melon Cooler Ingredients
    • Fresh watermelon chunks: 60gms
    • Watermelon syrup: 30 ml
    • Lime mix/syrup or juice: 30 ml
    • Sugar: 1 teaspoon
    • Mint Leaves: 10
    • Sprite or club soda

    Method • Mix the watermelon chunks with the watermelon syrup. Keep aside.
    • Now thoroughly mix the lime and sugar together. Insure that the sugar
    • Mix the watermelon and lime-sugar concoction. Add some mint.
    • Top the glass with Sprite or club soda before serving

    Preferred glass: Collin

    Preferred garnish: Mint Spring
  • Mango Daiquiri freeze Mango Daiquiri freeze Ingredients:
    • Fresh mango: 60 gms
    • Sugar: 45 ml
    • Lime mix: 30 ml
    • Sugar: 1 teaspoon
    • Ice cubes: 6 cubes

    Method: • Blend the mango to make a pulp.
    • Mix all the ingredients in the pulp and blend well.

    Preferred glass: Margarita glass with sugar rim.

    Preferred garnish: Mint spring
  •  Orange  Julep Orange Julep Ingredients:
    • Fresh orange chunks: 60 gms
    • Orange juice: 45 ml
    • Lime juice: 15 ml
    • Mint leaves: 12
    • Ice cubes: 6 cubes
    • Sprite or club soda

    Method: • Make a coarse pulp from the oranges. Add sugar if the oranges are too sour.
    • Add this coarse pulp to orange and lime juice.
    • Add mint leaves in it and mix.
    • Top the glass with chilled Sprite or club soda for that added fizz.

    Preferred glass: Hawaiian

    Preferred garnish: Orange slice