Health benefits of drinking wine in moderation

These are some health benefits of drinking wine and how moderate consumption can benefit you.

Alcohol has been around for centuries and people love to treat themselves to a drink every now and then.  Wine is one of the most popular drinks and there are many shreds of evidence that prove that having wine in moderation can have various health benefits.


Here are some of them to know about:

Wine is rich in antioxidants

It is a known fact that wine has antioxidants as the grapes used in making it contains polyphenols which reduce oxidative stress and even inflammation.

Reduces inflammation

Since wine contains antioxidants, it reduces inflammation in parts of the body and that can be helpful for people suffering from autoimmune diseases and arthritis.

Keeps your heart healthy

Some studies have shown that appropriate consumption of wine has reduced the rate of heart diseases in people. It may also reduce blood pressure in people.

Promote healthy gut bacteria

Stydies show that wine may help in improving the health of gut bacteria and keep your digestive system healthy.

May improve mental health

A glass of wine after a long day at work can be of help and reduces the signs of depression people.

Here are some benefits of wine that you should know about. Wine should be had in moderation and studies have been conducted more on red wine. It contains resveratrol which is a great antioxidant found in grape skin.

More consumption does not mean more benefits and occasional drinking is fine if you do not have any alcohol allergies. You can reap benefits when a glass of wine a day is combined with healthy diet and exercise.