Foods that we are craving but can’t have right now!

List of foods that we are craving right now but can’t eat:

It’s been more than two months that we are locked inside our houses and haven’t gone out. This means it’s been a long time that we have had a meal outside. In lockdown all of us became chefs and tried a different variety of foods at home. I satisfied all my cravings of momos, pav bhaji, chole bhature. But still, there are few things that I am craving badly and are difficult to make at home. Check out the list of such cravings below:

  • Tandoori chicken

We can make many chicken recipes at home but tandoori chicken it difficult to make. And, especially when you don’t have a tandoor at your home.

  • Tandoori chaap

The same goes with this one, quite difficult to make at home.

    • Shawarma

I am a huge fan of this delight. The juicy wrap of pita stuffed with grilled meat served with mayonnaise is just delicious.

  • Galouti kebab

I so miss these soft and delicious galouti kebabs made with puree ghee.

  • Tandoori momos

Though I have tried steamed momos at home but tandoori momos are just heavenly.

  • Cheesecake

I am a big fan of blueberry cheesecake, I so want to have it.

  • Paneer Tikka

Once a paneer lover, always a paneer lover, I am badly craving for some spicy paneer tikka.

  • Biryani

It’s been days I have had delicious chicken biryani. I am sure a lot of people are craving for it right now.

  • Khoya barfi

Having a mother who is an amazing cook, means you can get homemade sweets, but Khoya barfi is quite difficult to make. Thus, I am still craving for this.

What are you craving for?