Love seafood? The tastiest Stuffed Crab Claw recipe

This Stuffed Crab Claw recipe will make all your beachy food needs come true!

Do you love sea food, well making sea food at home can be a task and a really difficult one if fresh sea food is not available near you. We got the talented chefs at Empress of China to make us some classy sea food recipes.

Empress of China in Eros Hotel is hosting a special sea food festival and is a must if you love your crabs, prawns and fish!


  1. Crab claws   6 No
  2. Crab meat   200gms
  3. Corn Starch flour  50mgs
  4. Breadcrumbs  150gms
  5. Salt Pepper 10gms
  6. Broth powder 10gms
  7. Egg white for binding 2 no
  8. Oil 1litrs

For Dipping Sauce

  1. Tomato Sauce 15gms
  2. Vinegar Chiankiang  20ml
  3. Chili paste 20gms
  4. Garlic 5gms

Mix all above


  1. Blot excess moisture from the crab claws to ensure that the mixture will stick to them.
  2. Mix above seasoning properly and dip the Crab meat. Ensure that your seasoning mixture should stick on claw.
  3. Put the flour and Panko on plate
  4. Take egg white in a small bowl. Coat each crab claw, and then coated with crumb and flour.
  5. Heat oil on medium flame and fry the claws turning them frequently to avoid burning. Fry till golden brown.
  6. Use a skimmer to remove from the oil and drain on paper towel. Serve hot with Yu Xing Sauce, sweet, sour, spicy

Recipe of Mixed Seafood Salad


  1. Crab Stick  50gms
  2. Salmon      50gms
  3. Lobster     50mgs
  4. Breadcrumbs 150gms
  5. Pepper Salt 5gms
  6. Broth powder 3gms
  7. Fish Eggs   5gms
  8. Avocado     30gms
  9. Pickle Ginger  10gms
  10. Burn Chilly Sauce 15gms
  11. Vinegar Chiankiang 60ml
  12. Fried Noodle 30gms


  1. Blanch all the above seafood by adding a little vinegar and strain water and let it cool down, keep aside.
  2. Mix all above ingredients except Fried noodles, fish and egg.
  3. Arrage the dish by putting crispy noodle on a plate as base and add the marinated seafood on top. Garnish with fish and egg. Serve cold.