Delicious Chaat Recipes for Weight Loss

Here are some delicious chaat recipes for weight loss: 

Who doesn’t love indulging in Chaat? Delicious chutneys, tangy taste, chaat delicacies can make anyone go crazy. In India, we have many options for street foods and one of them is chaat. It is very difficult to control chaat cravings while you are on a diet. But you don’t have to stop yourself from eating chaat while you want to shed some kilos. This is because there are some ways to make chaat preparations healthy and wholesome. So Check out some healthy chaat recipes to try: 

    • Sprouts and corn chaat 

Sprouts are loaded with protein, make a delicious chaat with the goodness of sprouts, corn, tomato, onion, and some spices. This can be a great breakfast or mid-meal snack.

    • Rajma Chaat

This is one of my favorite chaat recipes, it is super filling and healthy. All you need is a bowl of boiled rajma. Add chopped veggies and species of your choice. Check out the recipe below: 

    • Chole Chaat

You can use the chickpea of your choice and add veggies and spices to it. This is full of protein and a healthy option for snacking. 

    • Egg chaat 

Eggs can be incorporated in any dish, take some boiled eggs and make a delicious chaat recipe. Add boiled egg pieces, veggies, species, and chutneys. 

    • Fruit chaat 

    This one is my favorite and it is super delicious and healthy. Add all your favorite fruits in a bowl, sprinkle some masala and lemon and have it.