Easy Chinese recipes

As the season gets a bit cold we all crave Chinese food. While the lockdown has been eased, the risk of Covid 19 is only increasing all thanks to surging cases. So treat yourself with some home made dumplings and which the kids as well as adults would love.

Vegetable Dumpling

Vegetable dumplings 


Carrot: 10 gms
Beans: 10 gms
Broccoli: 20 gms
Cabbage:10 gms
Tofu: 20 gms
Salt to taste
Sesame oil:05 ml
Garlic: 02 gms
Light soy sauce: 02 ml
Ginger 05 gms
Spring onion:05 gms
Whole wheat flour:100 gms


Make dim sum dough by kneading the whole wheat flour with water, add a little salt to it and keep it covered.
Now make a mixture of vegetables with ginger, garlic and light soy sauce
In the other mixture, add spinach and tofu…let the mixture cool down
Now sheet the dough and make dim sum and keep it covered. Apply little oil to the tray so that the dim sum doesn’t stick
Steam the dim sum and serve hot with lemon honey dip


Stir fry vegetables in white garlic sauce with burnt garlic brown rice

Stir fry vegetables
Stir fry vegetables



Broccoli :10 gms
Pokchoy:10 gms
Baby corn: 10 gms
Carrot: 10 gms,
Spinach: 20 gms
Garlic: 10 gms, Corn Starch:02 gms
Brown rice :100 gms
Spring onion:05 gms


Blanch all the vegetables and keep aside. On another flame keep brown rice for cooking.
Now take a wok and add sauté garlic and add vegetable stock &cornstarch.
Add all the vegetables and adjust seasoning.
Now in a wok add oil and brown rice and spring onion and finish  it with burnt garlic.
Serve piping hot with stir fry vegetables.

Recipes by Chef Anirudh Nautiyal- The Leela Ambience Convention, Delhi.