Easy ways to utilize leftover dal at home

These recipes using leftover dal are a delicious way to avoid wastage.

Dal is one of the staple dishes in an Indian household and it is served at least in one meal, if not more. Many of us like to a change in our meals and sometimes, the leftovers can go to waste. To keep that from happening, in the case of dal, there are so many ways to utilize it and turn it into a new dish. 

This will also give you a chance to experiment with cooking and the family members who don’t want to eat the same dish again. Here is how you can turn dal into a snack, sabzi, paratha, and more. 

Dal Paratha

Dal Pakoda


Dal Chila

Dal Cutlet

Here are some ways to use dal in other ways. These recipes work for almost all types of dal and you can add or remove ingredients as per your choice.

Which is your favourite type of dal?