Love potatoes? Some healthy potato recipes to enjoy

Check out some healthy potato recipes: 

Love french fries, samosa, aloo Tikki burger, and yummy food made from potatoes, but can’t have them because you are focusing on your weight? The way you make your potatoes can make a whole lot of difference to your diet. Studies show that potatoes can lead to the shrinking of fat cells and high potassium in them can also prevent water retention which helps maintain a healthy weight. Potatoes are a good source of energy and the resistant starch found in potatoes acts as a prebiotic and improves gut health. So the solution is not deep-frying your potato, and instead trying healthy recipes.


  • Potato salad

    • Aloo Raita 

    • Baked potato wedges 

    • Aloo – jeera subzi

    • Herbed potatoes 

    • Mash potatoes