Recipe: French Onion Soup rings

French Onion Soup Rings
French Onion Soup Rings

While we all want and love to cook but there is always that one dish you can impress your guy, family, friends with. Team AAW tells you one of those dish which is basically an assembly of different textures of Onions.

Serves: 1 portion

For onion Rings:

Onion, Big size: 1 Nos.

Tempura Flour: 15Gms

Cheese stock: 70 ml

Cornflour: 10 Gms

Salt: To taste

Methocell :  10 Gms


  • Make a tempura batter with the above ingredients
  • Cut the Onion slice to make Big onion Rings
  • Make a slurry with Methocell and Water
  • Dip the onion rings in a slurry and then in the Batter and deep Fry in oil to achieve Golden brown colour.

French Onion Soup:

Red onions: 60gms

Butter: 15Gms

Red Wine: 20 Ml

Bay Leaf: 1 leaf

Salt: to Taste

Black Pepper: 4 Gms

Cheese stock: 25 ml


  • Melt the Butter and add the sliced onions to it along with bay leaf
  • Add salt and pepper and add red wine and reduce it so that the wine can be evaporated.
  • Add cheese stock and reduce it.
  • Make a fine concentrate of the soup and make a sauce consistency.
Chef Arvind Bharti, Corporate Chef at Niche Lounge & Bistro
Chef Arvind Bharti, Corporate Chef at Niche Lounge & Bistro

Confit Onions:

Unsalted Butter: 100 Gms

Baby Onions: 50 Gms

Bay leaf: 1 Leaf

Cloves: 3 Gms



  • Cook the onions in butter for 30 min so that it gets cooked and still crunchy.


Chive Powder:

Chives Fresh: 15 Gms

Grapeseed oil: 50 Ml

Maltodextrin: 30 Gms



  • Mix chopped Chives with Oil and vacuum it and cook sous vide @ 55 Degrees for 35 Minutes.
  • Chill the oil in a freezer for 30 min. further and strain for use.
  • Mix the oil with Maltodextrin slowly and whisk it with a whisker to form a powder consistency.




  • In a deep plate – put the onion sauce at the centre.
  • Add Six pieces of onion Rings on the soup base.
  • Place the confit onion on the sides of the onion rings
  • Garnish with Some fresh chives and Chive soil/ Powder.
  • Serve Hot.

Recipe by Chef Arvind Bharti, Corporate Chef at Niche Lounge & Bistro