Recipes: Easy Holi special desserts

The festival of colors, fun, joy and happiness gets grander with delicious food. So Team AAW brings to you some mouthwatering recipes which are the fusion of fresh flavors and colours. This Holi get experimental in your kitchen and make yum food for your loved ones.



Ingredients for filling

Khoya -100 gms

Almond powder (roughly made powder) 50 gms

Kesar 1 gm

Green elaichi powder 5 gms

Ingredients for covering

Maida 250 gm
Ghee 50 gm

Water for kneading

Method for filling

Take Khoya + Badam + Pista + Kesar + elaichi powder and mix well. Divide the mixture into 10 parts, making each into a ball and keep aside

For outer covering:

Take maida , ghee , water and kneed well.

Keep aside for for 15 minutes.

Now make 20 ball( roll like rotis, each for the outer covering to 2 and ½ circles.)

Then take each circle, put the filling ball inside the circle & cover with the other circle of maida.

Stick the edges and fry it until it turns brown. Remove and drain oil, add it in sugar syrup for 2 minutes & remove it to savor.

Badam Pista Tartlets
Badam Pista Tartlets

Badam Pista Tartlets


Almonds- 1 Kg

Sugar- 500gms

Pista/ Boondi- for garnishing


Soak almonds for 5-6 hours, peel and grind it into fine powder.

Mix sugar with almond powder and roast it on medium fire until it leaves the sides of the utensil.

Now put into it moulds and let it cool till it takes the shape.

Add sweetened ground pista or boondi for the filling.


Recipes by Bharti Sanghi