Are you over-moisturizing your hair?

These are some signs you are over-moisturizing your hair.

We often come across posts and articles that remind us to not skip hair masking, oiling, and keeping our scalp hydrated. We sure should do these things from time to time but there comes a point when our scalp is exposed to moisture more frequently than recommended and that causes hygral fatigue.

Source- Healthline

As the water absorption by the hair cuticle is increased, it swells up and that weakens the hair strands over time. This can lead to breakage. If you have been experiencing some problems and deep condition and moisturize your hair, here are some signs that indicate your hair are over-moisturized:

  • Your hair has lost its elasticity over time.
  • Your hair does not return to its original shape/ state after pulling.
  • Hair strands feel stretchy and gum-like when they are wet.
  • You went for Keratin treatment and that did not go well for you.

Here are some common signs of hygral fatigue or over-moisturized hair. Apart from that, you can also judge by your habits and hair care routine, here is what excess moisturization may look like.

  • Conditioning your hair overnight.
  • Keeping the conditioner in your hair for more time than recommended.
  • Rewetting and restyling your hair frequently.
  • Using an excess of moisturizing conditioners.

The above-mentioned practices could be the reason your hair is over-moisturized. If you think this is the case, it is best to cut back on moisturization till your hair gains its elasticity back. Reduce the frequency of treatments to see your hair health get better.