Beauty benefits of Vitamin E oil

Here’s why you should consider Vitamin E oil over other beauty products

In this time when natural vitamins are often ignored by us as brand names and bigger companies advertise their products as the best, Vitamin E oil capsule is one of the best options. This little powerhouse capsule of Vitamin E oil is free of chemicals.

Doctors always say that vitamin E is good for health, well it’s true as it is not only good for health but does wonders for skin and hair as well. Here we bring you the reasons to try it:

Vitamin E oil capsule
Vitamin E oil capsule

Works as moisturizer and an anti-aging element

Tocopherol has the capacity to restore moisture that further helps to treat injured skin. If you mix few drops of this with your lotion and apply daily, it will prevent dryness of skin. It also boosts the construction of collagen that helps in conserving skin elasticity that further helps to prevent wrinkles and acne. If used twice a week, it reverses the sign of aging.

Helps in hair growth and repairs split ends

Vitamin E improves the blood circulation in the body and also in the scalp, leaving the hair conditioned, and smooth with promoting hair growth. You can apply it with mixing in olive oil or coconut oil and washing off after some time to give you a smooth and shiny look. It also prevents split ends and strengthens the hair to fight all chemicals and dust of daily life.

A perfect cleansing agent

If you want to remove dirt, and other impurities from your face, Vitamin E oil acts as a cleansing agent as it clears off the dirt and gives the face an all glowing and fresh look.

Cures sunburns and reduces dark spots

For sunburns, break a Vitamin E capsule and apply its drops on the burnt area, it will give you instant relief. It has antioxidants that soothe sunburn’s pain. For removing dark spots you need to mix Vitamin E drops with olive oil or your daily body lotion and apply it on the affected area daily. This would result in lightening of the spots.

Heals dry fingernails and pain of cold sores

Give you nails Vitamin E massage if you are fed up of its early breakage and dullness. This oil capsule is a perfect moisturizer and best for cracked cuticles and nails. Cold sores have an itchy sensation that is very hard to resist and it pain badly. Vitamin E oil capsule acts as a moisturizer and is effective in getting them under control.

Eradicates stretch marks

Vitamin E restores the skin’s elasticity and applying a few drops daily reduces the stretch marks. This nutrient also helps in reducing scars so can be the best choice rather than using chemical based products.

It’s possible side effects are that for some skin types it can cause itchiness and skin reactions, while doctors say, those cases are very rare.