Common mistakes that make your hair oily

Wonder why your hair gets greasy quickly? Read on to avoid these common mistakes

The feeling of oily hair after a few hours of washing is every girl’s nightmare. Hair getting oily if you have skipped washing them is understandable, but if you are regular with your hair wash regime than this can be a little frustrating.

Often hair greasiness depends on us, a few wrong moves and it is hello oil! Well we at Team AAW decided to list a few common mistakes that might be making your hair greasy

  1. Shampoo:

Style of shampooing often causes your scalp to lose its natural sebum, making them appear oily and greasy. If you over-wash your hair, then you should try and increase the gap between two washes and see how your hair feels. On the other hand, you might not be washing your hair properly,maybe you are just rinsing them with water. This can cause oil to build in and make them appear dirty and sticky. If this is the case, then you should shampoo your hair often and properly.

  1. Conditioner:

Over- conditioning is another common mistake that can make your hair greasy. People think putting more conditioner will leave their hair all smooth and silky, whereas it does the exact opposite. You should only condition the ends of your hair. Another reason the conditioner might not be doing its job is, when it’s not rinsed out properly. Make sure you wash your hair properly and take all the chemicals out of your hair.

  1. Water:

A hot water bath is loved by our body, but simply harms our hair. You should always wash your hair with cold water. Hot water makes the sebaceous glands in the scalp produce more oil whereas, cold water stimulates blood circulation, stopping the oil from gathering in the pores of your scalp.

  1. Using different products:

Addiction and over usage of hair products can not only damage your but also make them greasier. Products like sprays or serums have emollients in them, which make your hair oily. Try to avoid or even stop using such products. Use products that are not very heavy for your hair.

  1. Styling your hair:

Using heat too often can make your hair oily and damage them. Also if you use tools like flat iron, curling rod or comb which are not clean; your hair will get greasy quickly.  So try not to style your hair very often and clean the tools before you use them.

We hope these tips can help you keep your hair shinny and silky for a longer period.