Do you have an over-treated scalp dandruff?

Tips for dandruff-free hair
Tips for dandruff-free hair

Get rid of dandruff by making your scalp healthy

Those tiny white flakes falling from your head can be very embarrassing. Well dandruff is a huge problem for most women and we all love to get those anti-dandruff treatments to clear our scalp. But too much of a good thing can be a bad idea. I learnt this the hard way. Dandruff if over treated with drying shampoos can lead to, you won’t believe, more dandruff! So we decided to guide other women, like me, to cure their hair issues.

How does a dry scalp happen?

A dry scalp is often the byproduct of too much oil stripping from your scalp. From shampooing daily to using harsh drying shampoos to get the volume the reasons are  plenty. Sometimes when we dry out our scalp the pH balance goes awry and our scalp releases more oil to nourish itself. So you end up with thin, brittle hair and a super oily scalp with dandruff. Shampoo can only relieve it temporarily because the process repeats itself.

How to treat it right?

The best way to cure this dandruff is to help your scalp get back to its healthy pH levels.

The first and boldest way is to go no poo or no shampoo. Let your hair cleanse itself and restore its own pH levels. Alternatively you can use a little bit of vinegar every week to clean it but nothing else. Yes this is difficult especially if you go out a lot.

You can also start with a creamy shampoo for dry hair, even if you have dandruff. Sounds crazy? Well it works and it truly did in my case. The creamy for dry hair variety of shampoo put more life in my hair than any of those volumising things can.

Decreasing the periodicity of shampooing helps a lot. I have stopped washing my shoulder length mane daily to two times a week. In case I have to go out a fluff of dry compact on my mane helps much like a dry shampoo.

Increase oiling your hair and moisturizing treatments like hair packs. Our hair often get the most rough treatment with styling, pollution levels and the weird products we all use. Oil your hair once a week and get a hair spa every fortnight helps maintain the scalp which considerably reduces dandruff.

Try our tips and tell us if they helped you too or not?