Effects of not wearing a sunscreen

Here is what you should know about the bad effects of not wearing sunscreen.

There are many skin problems that people deal with and most of them can be treated with the right medications and an effective skincare routine. There is, however, no remedy or treatment for being ignorant, and too many people compromise with their skin, even after knowing the facts. Sunscreen is one product that is recommended by many dermatologists and people still choose not to include one in their skincare regime.

Source- Allure

prolonged exposure to the sun can cause many skin problems and even if you don’t step out in the sun too often, a sunscreen still should be worn daily. Want to know how your skin changes when you don’t wear one? Here are the adverse effects.

  • It damages not just the skin but also the skin cells and may even cause genetic abnormalities.
  • It can alter the DNA and cause abnormal growth of mass and tissue, leading to skin cancer.
  • Sun exposure causes the skin to lose moisture and its natural oil, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can make you look older than you actually are.
  • It breaks down the collagen beneath the skin which brings superficial veins to the surface and can lead to the appearance of spider veins, even on the face.
  • People with fresh wounds have the risk of developing scars due to sun exposure.
  • Sunburn is a common problem in areas that receive harsh sun rays and it can even cause blisters on the skin.
  • Since the skin starts to dehydrate under the sun, it can make your skin look dry and even lead to the formation of dry patches.

These are some common effects of not wearing sunscreen. You can avoid many skin problems by wearing one. It is not necessary to invest in a high-end sunscreen, the one with basic ingredients is sufficient but make sure it suits your skin type.