Here is why we look older & it’s not wrinkles!

Experts explain why we sometimes look older, and it has nothing to do with wrinkles:

Sometimes when we guess the ages of others, we overestimate the age of those who look older than they are, and it works vice-versa as well. How many times have you noticed that you look older in pictures and the mirror? It is because of the human brain. Experts discuss a series of signs that people use to determine someone else’s age both in photos and in real life. And wrinkles here doesn’t really matter.

Here is a series of various factors that make us look older than our age, but here is a way to fix this up:

  • Even skin tone

Pigmented spots are the uneven distribution of melanin in the skin cells that makes some parts of the face look darker than others. An even skin tone makes you look a lot younger.

  • Ear and nose size

It believed that the smaller the ears and the nose, the younger the face. The ears and nose are few parts of the body that keep growing throughout our lives.

  • Clear facial lines

Clear facial lines are associated with young age. The younger you are the easier is the elasticity of the skin. With age, the skin becomes thinner and it stretches.

  • Haircut

A combination of small things like clothing and haircut also impact the overall impression of a person’s age. An outdated cut might add to this.

  • Posture

If you want to look full of power and energy, then enter the room with full confidence. A rounded back with low shoulders looks old because older people don’t have as much muscle strength to maintain the correct posture.

  • Self-confidence

Your facial expression contributes a lot in showcasing your self-confidence. Having wrinkles is not bad or scary. Just be confident in your own skin.