How to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes help you get a smooth face and amazing makeup on. Those rosy cheeks, perfect and smooth foundation and dark and glittery eye shadow all have to applied with makeup brushes. But many Indian women do not know why cleaning makeup brushes is a must. Make up brushes if left unclean gather oil, dead skin and bacteria which can result in acne and skin allergies!

 Here’s how to clean your brush in 5 minutes:

Wet: Carefully wet the hair of the brushes in running warm water. Make the brush face downwards or water will enter the metal part and destroy the shape of the brush.

Clean: In a shallow bowl mix a mild shampoo, face wash or body wash with equal amount of water. Dip the hair of the brush in this mixture and gently massage the brush.Rub it in circular motion on brush cleaning pad or a hot rubber bottle. Now rinse in running water with the brush facing downwards.

Dry: Gently pat dry the brush on a clean hand towel. Spread the hand towel and place the brush on it and let it air dry. If you leave the brush standing,Makeup brushes the water can enter the metal rim. Use when it dries completely.

Do this once in 45 days if you use your makeup brushes sometimes. Do this every third week if you use them regularly.

Do you have any technique for cleaning your brushes? Tell us here.