How to manage skin purging

Here is what to do when your skin is purging after using chemical exfoliants.

Many people are discovering chemical peels and exfoliants and their benefits over physical exfoliators. Due to this, people have started observing skin purging and this has become a concern for many people collectively.

Source- Byrdie

Skin purging happens due to the reaction of certain acids and retinol applied to the skin. Products containing these ingredients usually work by dissolving the layer of dead skin and blackheads which can cause breakouts as the blockages come to the surface.

Most people are unable to identify whether they are breaking out or if their skin is purging. Most of the time, you can recognize it by paying attention to the ingredients of the products you have switched to. If you have recently added a chemical exfoliant routine then chances are your skin could be purging but if you have changed a product, it may not be reacting well which could cause breakouts. To understand better, it is best to seek a professional opinion so you should speak to a dermatologist.

Once you are sure that your skin is purging, here is what you can do to manage it:

  • Wait for 2-3 weeks to see any changes as the skin heals faster after purging.
  • Do not change your products and wait it out.
  • Do not disturb the inflamed skin or pop the pimples.
  • Your skin may become sensitive so limit the exposure to the sun and use mild skincare products.
  • Make sure your pillowcases are clean.
  • Don’t forget to use SPF while heading out.

Here are some tips to manage skin purging. If you have started using a chemical exfoliant and have confirmed that your skin is in the purging phase then it is best to wait for the product to do its work as you will soon start seeing your skin get better.