How to use skincare products the right way

Here is how to use these skincare products the right way.

Most of us have a skincare routine but it is essential to know the right way to apply products, just as much as it is to pick the right ones. There are different methods to use skincare products which makes their use effective and you get to see the results.

Source- Lifestyle Asia

Here is how to use different skincare products the right way and how using these products help your skin.


Unlike facewash, cleansers deep cleanse your skin, removing the dirt and sebum settled in your pores. You can rub your skin lightly while applying a cleanser, use your fingers to gently apply cleanser in big circles and remove it with cold water.


Toners provide hydration to your skin. Use cotton swabs to apply toner to your face and starting from the forehead, reach your chin in an outward circular motion.

Eye creams

Eye creams help soothe the area around the eyes and you should be gentle as the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of your face. Use your fingers to softly apply the eye cream. Massage it thoroughly.


Most people believe that only the ones with dry skin need moisturizers but that is not true. Make sure to get a moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply it on your face using your fingertips in an outward direction,

Facial oils

Facial oils help in targeting pigmentation, scars, acne, and many others. Use your palm to apply facial oils and move your fingers outwards. They get absorbed into the skin very quickly.

Which is your favorite skincare product?