Perfect ideas for spring nails 2021

Check out amazing nail art designs ideas to rock this spring season:

They say life is too short to have plain nails. Other than makeup and clothes, we girls often give attention to small things, like our nails. And if you are someone like me who loves to keep your nails up to date, then this article is for you. Though you can wear whatever color or design you want any time of the year, it’s still nice to have some ideas to inspire your nail selections each season.  Below are the nail art and shade trends that you will see in spring 2021.

  • Rainbow french 

  • Realistic Flowers 

  • Bubblegum Pink

  • Cozy Pastels

  • Rainbow Royale

  • Cherry on Top 

  • Cotton Candy 

  • Tie-dye 

  • Spring Daisies 

  • Evil Eye Accents

  • Black-and-White Color Blocking

  • Muted, Marbled Pastels

  • Abstract Florals