Should you invest in collagen supplements?

This is what you should know before investing in a collagen supplement.

Almost everyone dreams of staying young forever and while we can’t stop aging, there are ways to keep looking younger. Collagen supplements have been a popular choice as they have plenty of benefits to offer. One of the features that are highlighted is its ability to make one look ‘youthful’. 

Source- Moja Gear

So, is this a magic pill or just an overhyped product? Let’s find out more about collagen. 

What is collagen? 

It is an abundant protein found in the body. It is found in joints, ligaments, bones and in organs that work to hold cells together. It is also responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and has an important role in damage repair work in the body. 

The collagen is synthesised naturally using copper, Zinc, Vitamin C and protein from the diet. Collagen production tends to reduce with age and that is why people start seeking an external source, hence the need for supplements. 

Can we increase its production naturally? 

If you are one step away from buying collagen supplements and still wondering if you can skip it, the answer is yes. Instead of investing in it straight away, understand if there is a way to improve your diet. Collagen is produced using amino acids, Vitamin C and other micronutrients that are present in fruits, leafy vegetables, berries, chicken, bone broth, nuts and whole grains. If these food items are not a part of your diet then make changes accordingly. 

Should we buy collagen supplements at all?

Supplements are not inherently bad. They do exactly what they say; supplement your diet. Many people have found collagen supplements to be useful and how it has changed their bodies. For people who are active, it can help improve the recovery process and wound healing. To conclude, you can definitely invest in collagen supplements if you feel the need. To make an informed decision, you can also consult with a nutritionist to know how to make this change.