The right nail-polish according to your sun sign

Your sun sign and your ‘lucky’ nail colour

Nail colours for summer
Nail colours for summer

You might be in love with red nail-polish but here’s some dope on which colour will suit you best (and be lucky) for you according to your zodiac sign. PS You can wear colours from the same family mentioned! AAW lists your nail paint colours based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: Purple

Purples and plums are a great colour and besides looking royal they can enhance your chances of success at work.

Taurus: Green

Green shades from emerald to pale green should be your colour of choice as green nail paint shall ensure lots of money comes your way. So pick this chic shade and get lucky.

Nail Paint
Nail Paint

Gemini: Orange

From soft coral shades to bright orange nail colours wear these shades to make your life shine! Orange will help you get fame and be noticed weather in your relationships or the projects at work.

Cancer: Silver

Like the shimmering persona you have, silver makes you shine and come out of hiding. You will be appreciated and noticed.

Leo: Bronze

Bronze is synonymous to leo. This colour highlights your strengths and represents your originality and durability. Bronze also helps becoming successful at personal relations.

Avon True Color lipstick in Sunny Pink and nail color in Royal red
Avon True Color nail color in Royal red

Virgo: Red

Hot blood red is the perfect shade for your go-getter Virgo attitude. Red helps you prioritize and plan you success.

Libra: Nude

Shades of nude help Libra. The less is more attitude makes you are a believer in the power subtlety holds. Nude nails look chic, refined and elegant.

Scorpio: Pink

The sweet colour, pink signifies your compassionate heart. Often you keep that softer side hidden under your sting. Don’t worry people won’t mistake your kindness for weakness.

Nail colours for summer
Nail colours for Capricorn

Sagittarius: Black

Black evokes mystery and black nail paint keeps people guessing. Black helps you show that edge you always hide.

Capricorn: Blue

Enchanting blue, mysterious blue, peaceful blue and all moods of blue help prove that you run deep much like water which runs deep and people never realise how deep you are.

Pisces: Grey

Greys in your life show that life is not white or black, your grey ideas might be loud and offbeat but they are truly original.