Things to know before shaving your face

Here are some tips that will help people who are new at shaving their face

Most of us took matters in our own hands after the beauty salons closed up during the pandemic. This gave us the opportunity to learn how to groom ourselves and to use tools that we may not have used before in our lives. Many people switched to face razors to trim their eyebrows and shave their faces and that encouraged others to try it out. If you are someone who still does not want to take the risk of going to salons, here is how you can use face razors at home and some things you should know before trying them out.


It does make your hair grow darker

This is a very common myth that keeps people from using face razors. It has no effect on your hair growth and will certainly not make it look darker.

You can dry shave

If you are absolutely new at this and don’t have the right foaming wash at home, you can go ahead and shave your face as it is. Make sure to wash it properly and single- blade razors work just fine on dry skin.

Be careful around your brows

Don’t be too quick to shave away the extra hair. Make careful strokes around your eyebrows as even the slightest mishappening can change the shape and you may end up with a look which you weren’t aiming for in the first place.

Don’t rush the process

No matter how easy this may look, it is important to be careful with your face, especially when you have a razor in your hand. Take as much time as needed and this way you can also prevent cuts and nicks

Follow it up with a face serum

Make sure to moisturize your face well after shaving. It is also the best time to use a face serum as the ingredients are likely to get absorbed the best after the face has been shaved.

Here are some things to know about shaving your face. Make sure to invest in a good quality face razor for the best results. Be careful around sensitive areas and avoid shaving your face if you have acne. Consult your dermatologist for more information.