Tooth brushing tips you must know

Tooth Brush/pixabay
Tooth Brush/pixabay

Teeth are very important for that million-dollar smile. But many of us do not know that the tooth brush can be a storehouse for bacteria and it’s important to choose the right one.

Read on to know some  more tooth brushing tips for healthy smile

Pick a soft toothbrush:  Always pick the one with softer bristles than medium or hard. A hard brush might clean well but it also strips the enamel of your tooth.

Brushing time: Doctors say that you need to brush for three minutes to get sparkly clean teeth. Many of us brush within a minute. Be slow and patient while brushing, vigorous action doesn’t help clean germs. You can also download an app on your phone for the same.

Keep it clean: Have you ever noticed the build-up of toothpaste around the handle and inside the bristles of your brush? Well, you need to clean your toothbrush properly with hot water to remove all traces of toothpaste. Would you ever put old rotting food in your mouth? Then why put rotting paste into it? You can also dip your brush in a solution of mouthwash and hot water overnight to remove all build up. Alternately, buy a new one!

Opt for smaller head: Pick a toothbrush with a a smaller head and a long handle. A smaller head ensures that you can move it easily inside your mouth and a long handle allows you to reach hidden corners. A large head will not allow you to reach inner corners easily and this can lead to build-up of plaque.

Drying your brush: Many of us often skip this step altogether. After washing your toothbrush clean allow it to dry properly. Toothpaste might kill germs in your mouth but water and toothpaste on a brush act as a breeding ground for bacteria which can be harmful. Also, avoid capping the bristles in the plastic mold if they are wet as this also leads to increase in harmful bacteria.

Toss after a cold: Whenever you get a cold, change your toothpaste as soon as you are cured. Studies say germs of cold or flu can lurk on your toothbrush and increase manifold.

Change after every 3 months: Changing your toothbrush after every three months insures the bristles are effectively cleaning your mouth. Can’t remember to change your brush? Save the day on your reminder! Change sooner if you notice the bristles are fraying.

* Old brushes can be used to clean nails, sneakers, stove, difficult to clean places like the rubber around your fridge. Recycle your old brushes!