Ways to plump your lips at home

Here are some ways to plump your lips at home using easy methods.

Plump lips are very trendy these days and many models and beauty moguls have been sharing how they make their lips look plump and juicy. People show interest in knowing the hacks to achieve this look as cosmetic treatment not only costs a bomb but comes with its own set of side-effects and risks. If you want to make your lips look plump temporarily then there are many ways to do it at home. This is also the best time to experiment with multiple ways and see what works best for you. Here is how you can do it.

Source- The Lifestyle Report

Lip scrub 

Make an organic lip scrub out of cinnamon, sugar, honey, and coconut oil and scrub your lips gently for a few minutes. Rinse off the scrub and see the temporary plumped lips. It will also make your lips looks smooth. 


Dry brushing your lips for a minute can plump up your lips but make sure you aren’t doing it vigorously. It is an easy method to gently scrub off the dead skin and increase circulation. Increased blood flow will make your lips look swollen. If you feel like your lips have dried up after this then feel free to use as much lip balm as required. 

Bottle sucking 

This hack went viral around the time when Kylie Jenner debuted her new plumper lips. Many people tried to achieve the same look but some went too far and failed. If done wisely, this method can make your lips look plump for a few hours as sucking the bottle draws blood to your lips which makes it look plump. 

Lipbalm and peppermint oil 

Many beauty influencers swear by this method to pump their lips temporally. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with a lip balm of your choice and gently apply it on your lips. You will see a visible difference in a few minutes. 

Here are some ways to plump your lips at home. Make sure your steer clear of dangerous ways to plump your lips like using cayenne pepper, chili powder, or wasabi. These methods can damage your lips. Also, if you have sensitive and broken skin then don’t use vigorous methods and wait till your skin gets healed.