Why it’s important to exfoliate your skin

Woman Scrubbing Her Neck
Woman Scrubbing Her Neck /freedigitalphotos

When I was in school a decade back, scrubs were the latest find. I remember using St Ives Apricot scrub and I was addicted to the feel of soft skin. It was a bit harsh then but tanning, acne and blackheads are synonymous with teens and so is looking good for the boys, so could not really help it! But as I grew up I realised scrubbing does more than just removing the tan and blackheads. Here is why you should exfoliate (with a soft face scrub) every alternate day in these terrible summers:

Exfoliation improves skin texture: As you start exfoliating every alternate day or twice a day, you will feel that the texture of your skin has improved dramatically. Scrubbing is the best way to revive old, dull skin. Most women are usually stuck in office and the air conditioned air can suppress the release of oils which leads to blackheads and dull skin. The best way to check if your skin needs exfoliation is to rub a finger on your nose. Nose is most prone to blackheads and whiteheads and the surface will feel bumpy if you need to scrub. Your body also works the same way, as most of us hardly sweat and exfoliation opens the pores which are stuck with dirt and make you silky smooth.

Fights aging: Yes exfoliation really does help you fight aging by shedding dead skin. As we grow old our skin slows the process of shedding old skin. These dead skin cells lead to fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. Regular exfoliation doesn’t allow the old cells to build up.

No acne: In fact the best way to prevent a zit is to exfoliate regularly. Scrubbing melts away the  dead skin and dirt which together cause pimples. However, if you have acne use an acne based face scrub.

Cleans patchy skin tone: Many women have patch skin tone due to hormones or tanning. By regular exfoliation the dead skin is scrubbed away and the skin looks even. Many a time patchy or uneven skin tone happens when leftover dirt and makeup build a wall of residue on the face.

Helps creams penetrate: Got that bottle of over-expensive cream that did not work wonders it promised? Well, try using it or any cream post exfoliation and see the difference in a week. When the skin is exfoliated, the build up of dust and dead skin gets removed, and the skin absorbs creams better and deeper.

Exfoliating is great but take care of the following:

· Never over exfoliate! You are the best judge of your skin and will know how often you need to exfoliate (use our nose test).

· Use a gentle face scrub and try a stronger one for the body.

· To close the pores always follow up with a face pack or masque.

· Ideally you must exfoliate in the night and allow the skin to rest without any makeup.

· Use gentle circular movements to exfoliate. Never put too much pressure as you can break the capillaries of the face!