Unique Ways to Make Your First Holi Special Post-Wedding   

Make your First Holi Special After Marriage

India is a country full of festivals and celebrations where people don’t leave any stone unturned to dive into its joy and happiness. Talking about the newly married couples, every first festival after their wedding means a lot to them as along with its grace, it brings memories that last long and forever. When Holi is around the corner, new couples keenly wait to celebrate and chase their partner with full enthusiasm and zeal. So, if this is your first Holi after the wedding, make the most out of its celebrations with great pomp and show, following the below-mentioned ways: 


Host A House Party: Invite all your near and dear ones to your house and host a party. It’s better to throw a house party incorporating Holi décor and ambiance to add extra grace to its fun. Don’t forget to have a special stage for a dance performance and prepare a “couple dance” on Holi-centric songs to enjoy each other company. 

Holi Games: Games are mostly the core of every celebration and during Holi, games give some relaxation from continuous color-playing activities. You can play Dumb Charades, Holi Songs Antakshari, Mimicry, and many other group activities.


Colors Tanks & Tub: How can we forget the pulling and pushing of a partner into the water tanks filled with Holi colors? Subtly hit balloons, pichkari, and apply colors on each other faces. A couple completes each other but applying colors seem like the most romantic part of the day. Also, you can play Holi with flowers, eco-friendly gulal, glitters, and other skin-friendly elements.


Gujiya & Thandai: Holi is incomplete without eatables like Gujiya and Thandai. To make the celebration more engaging, the couple can spend time eating and drinking Gujiya and Thandai with a little teasing and cuddling. This helps in spending quality time with more fun and celebration with a little romance in public. 

Gifts: Make your first Holi more special by gifting each other the things of your spouse’s choice and likes. This doesn’t seem like a formality but a form of love that develops a stronger bond and emotional attachment among each other.

So, this year celebrate the festival of colors with your spouse and enjoy each bit of it with belongingness and togetherness, making moments that turn into memories.