5 Must watch Indian web series

Here is your guide to the best Indian web series

Ciao to all those cliched saas-bahu Indian television dramas where remarriage, death, and horrendous makeup scare us! It’s time to switch to Indian web series and ditch the melodramatic chaos. Web series are the new trend as they are short, realistic and more engaging. So here is a list of must watch Indian web series that you will surely relish:

TVF Pitchers
TVF Pitchers

1. TVF Pitchers
The show centers around four friends who enter the business world by launching their own start-up as they are tired of their corporate life hence end up quitting their routine jobs. It sets off a chain of events that involve drama, humour, start-up challenges and struggles to make it successful. Not easy as it sounds!

2. Permanent Roommates
With two successful seasons and twelve awesome episodes, TVF’s Permanent Roommates is a web series well loved by the internet audience. The story revolves around a couple who after being in a long-distance relationship for three years start living together as the prospect of marriage awaits them. It definitely is a happy break from old school stuff and relatable to the current scenario.

Bang Baaja Baarat
Bang Baaja Baarat

3. Bang Baaja Baarat
Arrange marriages are a thing of past and this show is a hilarious take on marriages in present date where two lovers from completely different social backgrounds decide to get married. The epic struggle starts when their family meets three days prior to the big- fat Indian wedding. This series is undoubtedly a great watch.

4. A.I.S.H.A My Virtual Girlfriend
An app developer loner creates A.I.S.H.A, a software armed with artificial intelligence and soon discovers that A.I.S.H.A has begun to develop a mind of its own. This series is different from all of the others as it explores the scientific and fictional world, hence adds up to the must watch list.


5. Tripling
Yet another web series by TVF which fits in this list. The idea of this series revolves around a road trip with siblings, something unlikely to happen! The five episodes show the story of three siblings who found themselves and their relations during the journey of the road trip.This how will surely give you some sibling goals.

Which shows do you love to watch? Tell us in the comments section below and we might add your favourites here.