Another hilarious paragliding video goes viral

Check out “Land Kara De Part 2” as one more hilarious paragliding video goes viral:

You remember Vipin Sahu, the person who become viral overnight with his “land kara de” paragliding video? Now another funny video of a person’s paragliding experience in Himachal Pradesh has gone viral on social media leaving netizens confused.

The 7.29-minute viral video on social media, shows a man named Pawan trying out the glider aircraft for the first time. However, his reaction is during the ride that has caught the attention of many people, with some comparing it to the earlier viral paragliding video of Vipin Sahu.

Recorded at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, in the video the man can be heard asking the instructor repeatedly to quickly complete the ride and make him land moments after the glider takes off. While the instructor tries to calm Pawan down, he continues to panic and asks him to land quickly.

Check out the video below:

However, in the end the man calms down.