Asha Bhosle’s tweet is an eye-opener

‘Such a good company but still, no one to talk to’: this tweet is a reality check:

We are living in a world where life without a cell phone has become impossible. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is becoming so real that a recent picture shared by singer Asha Bhosle is a reality check that all of us need. The 85-year-old singer wrote: “Bagdogra to Kolkata… Such good company but still, no one to talk to. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell.”

The photo was shared along with a photograph of the singer, sitting in a waiting room with other singers including Sudesh Bhosle and Siddhant Bhosle.

Her tweet was dedicated to the people, who were clearly more involved in their phones rather than talking to people around them. The singer was the only one who did not have any electronic device in her hand.

Check out her post:

Many people were able to relate with Bhosle’s tweet and shared their feeling, others commented that they would never look at the phone in her presence.

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