BB 12: Twitterati feels Bigg Boss is biased!

Check out why people are supporting Neha Pendse & Dipika Kakar:

It is been almost one week since the most controversial show Bigg Boss started and the atmosphere in the house has changed very quickly. In the yesterday’s episode nominations were announced and Dipika Kakar, KaranVir Bohra, Kriti Verma- Roshmi, Romil, and Nirmal Singh were the nominated contestants. Also big boss announced the luxury task winner and the winners were the jodis. But the result made people feel that Bigg Boss is always biased and also that the numbers of singles and jodies were not equal.

In the task, “Samudri Lootere”, celebrity contestants had a golden ring and they were also prisoners to the commoner jodis. The jodis tormented them until they surrender and hand over the golden ring to their masters. The ‘Sanchalak’ of the task were Jodi Kriti – Roshmi, who obviously supported the jodis. While on the other hand Sreesanth guided and supported his celebrity team. However, the task was performed over the top.

After this incident, Twitterati is reacting to the fact that Bigg Boss seemed to be unfair as the singles were only 5 and the jodis were 12 people in all. Many people feel that Kriti and Roshmi being a Jodi themselves helped their team win.

Check out the reactions of people:

It is observed that in every season Bigg Boss is biased towards some people and other people are always targeted. People surely do not like this and are disappointed.