Best replies from #AskSRK session

Find out some of the best replies from the #AskSRK session hosted by Shah Rukh Khan:

SRK is the king and most popular celebrity of Bollywood. He has a presence of mind like no other star, be it his interviews, movies, press conference, hosting award shows or interacting with fans on social media, he nails everything with style.

He is a person who loves interacting with his fans and to do this he often hosts #AskSRK session on Twitter in which he replies to his fans. Recently he hosted one of those #AskSRK sessions and as usual, it was super hit. Don’t worry if you missed it, we have compiled a list of best answers from the session for you:

    1. He disclosed that trailer of Zero will be released on EID.

2. Fourth child what?

3. Someone told him he is a bigger fan of Salman than him

4. A person asked him to wish Messi for upcoming FIFA, his reply was aawww

5. This one is amazing, because he is never low

6. His love advice

7. Does he ever feel empty?

8. Self-love

9. His general advice to a girl who is stuck on a low paying job

10. His plans for EID

He seems to have such a positive attitude in real life, he is amazing.

As per the rumors, the teaser of Zero will feature a special appearance of Salman Khan. we are excited about the trailer release.