Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundra talks about his breakup 

Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundra talks about his breakup with Anusha. Check out the details below: 

In Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundra and Shamita Shetty were seen discussing his ex-girlfriend, Anusha Dandekar while having their morning tea. Karan and Anusha were together for three and a half hours before they broke up. 

Karan said: “I lost a lot of friends in the last one and a half years, for obvious reasons.” When Shamita asked if the obvious reason was Covid, he said, “Nahi, break up hua na (No, I had a break up).”

He then added, “I forgot everything else this time. I got too busy with the relationship. They (friends) were like ‘if you were not with us then, then why should we be with you now’. I realized one thing – you cannot work on your own follies till the time you accept that you have them in the first place.”

Karan also explained what he thinks was his mistake: “A lot of things happened with me around the same time, around the lockdown time. Multiple people, multiple layers of relationships and everything I f***** up. With my friends, I am quite sure with my ex, with my family. People who actually cared for me. I am a caring person, I will be there for everyone but I am a very self-centered person. My approach towards people is very self-centred,” he said.

He then talked about his breakup:  “Agar hum fat jaate to shayad sort kar lete. Mai fata nahi, wo fatati rahi aur mai us se door hota raha. Mereko lagta hai mere ko imperfections se pyar hota hai but agar humne ek dusre ko baith k samjha hota to cheesein change hoti. Agar maine apne issues sort kar liya hota, relationship ko affect nahi hone diya hota (If we had fought over it, we may have been able to sort things out, she tried but I kept moving away from her. I think I love imperfections. Had we understood each other, things would have changed. Had I sorted my own issues and not let them affect the relationship), things would have been different.”

After hearing this Shamita Shetty said I Hope Ansusha watches this episode, to which Karan added: “I hope she does, but usko bhadkane wale bahut hain (She has too many people who instigate her).”

Shamita replied, “Kaun bhadkane wale usko (who will misguide her)? When there is love your heart, it says a lot. Listen, I have always been with men my family never liked. So I get where you are coming from.”

What are your thoughts on Karan’s breakup?