Bigg Boss fans don’t like “Malkin” Ameesha Patel

Netizens have started a memes fest on her overacting:

Its been already a few days since Bigg Boss started and fans have already someone that they hate the most. And it’s not any contestant, instead, it is “Malkin” of the house, Ameesha Patel.

In the new concept of the house, Ameesha Patel is the Malkin of the house and will be seen conducting some tasks.

People are annoyed with the actress’s overacting and her interruptions throughout the first episode. Some are even protesting to get her removed. One tweet read: Bigg Boss chahte hai Ameesha Patel over-acting na kre.”

Check out various memes related to this below:

She entered the house to check on the contestants and explain the rules. But it looks like she managed to annoy viewers. As soon enough memes began:

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