‘Characterless’ Kangana dips us Indians to a new low!

Kangana Ranaut is a strong woman, rising from an obscure town into a vain Bollywood is not easy. That too when you are joked about! Much like her video:

However the recent Hrithik controversy has proved again that one ‘silly ex’ or rather a man can make the world talk about your character. Last evening we were shocked that ‘charecterless Kangana’ started trending online! Is this the price a strong woman pays? Her one film wonder ex Adhyan Suman also jumped the bandwagon talking about her black magic ways! Read here

But does talking about strong women like this make us feel stronger and provide men the much needed ego boost? Seems so, when Hrithik had to go out to protect her online and talk about spreading the love! His tweet did not mention Kangana but it was clearly aimed at her: