Chinese ambassador responds to Sonu Sood after this tweet

Sonu Sood questions the Chinese government to not block consignments to India.

Sonu Sood shared a tweet in which he asked China to clear consignments as apparently they were being blocked. He explained hundred of oxygen concentrators coming to India are important as people are losing lives.

After asking @China_Amb_India @MFA_China to do something about the issue, the actor received a response from Sun Weidong, who is the Chinese Ambassador to India and he ensured that export is smooth and he further explained how they have been making sure that the clearance is being given on time.

Take a look at the interaction of Sonu Sood and Sun Weidong below in this Twitter thread.

People praised Sonu Sood’s effort as he has been helping out everyone since the beginning of the pandemic. When the lockdown was announced in 2020, he came forward to help migrant workers reach home as public transports were unavailable.

He is also continuously sharing leads and resources as India is reporting close to 3.8 lakh cases daily and infected people are struggling to find necessary medical care in hospitals.